Custom-designed optical fibers

For a number of applications it’s necessary to produce fibers with non-standard dopants (both active or passive) and/or with non-standard geometry (i.e. with non-circular cross-section, with one or several holes in the cross-section and etc). Based on few-decade experience of specialty fibers production FORC-Photonics can offer to customer service for production of fibers in accordance with the customer design.

We have experience in doping of optical fibers with different passive and active dopants:
Passive dopants: GeO2 (up to 97 mol.%); Al2O3 (up to 20 mol.%); P2O5 (up to 17 mol.%), F (up to  2.5 wt.%), B and etc.
Rare Earth: Yb (up to 11 wt%), Er (up to 4 wt%), Nd, Tm, Ho, Sm, Pr, Tb and etc.

We also possess technology for fabrication of polarization-maintaining fibers, double-clad fibers (with low-index polymer and/or highly-F-doped silica) and metal-coated fibers.