Легированное фосфором (8 – 13 мол.%) P-SM-5

Application notes:

 P-SM-5 series is specially designed for highly efficient Raman lasers and amplifiers operating in the 1.1-1.6 µm spectral range. The main advantage of phosphorus-doped fiber is a three times higher value of the Raman shift as compared to germanium-doped fibers. This feature allows one to strongly simplify the Raman fiber laser and amplifier design. For example, to construct a high-power laser @ 1480nm required for pumping Er-doped fibers, only two cascades of Raman wavelength transformation are necessary, whereas six cascades are necessary in the case of Ge-doped fibers.


Article P-SM-5

Phosphorous fiber

         Phosphorus doped fiber

Typical optical loss spectrum                                                                                                        Typical Raman gain spectrum

Fiber specifications

Параметр / Артикул


Core diameter, µm 5
Clad diameter, µm 125
Core NA 0.18
MFD @ 1550nm, µm  4.0 ± 0.5
Cutoff wavelength, µm ~ 1
Optical loss (1064 nm), dB/km < 2.0
Optical loss (1310 nm), dB/km  < 1.1
Optical loss (1390 nm), dB/km   < 2.0
Optical loss (1550 nm), dB/km  < 1.1
Raman gain, dB/km*W > 5
Nonconcentricity, µm < 1

Other parameters are available on the request

 Phosphorus doped fiber (Article P-SM-5