Фотонно-кристаллические волокна

Recently, a new fiber type of fibers, so-called microstructured or photonic crystal fibers appeared. In this type of fibers there are holes or inclusions of a material with different refractive index in the core and/or in the cladding. New dispersion and nonlinear properties can be observed in such fibers. Most of specific applications of microstructured fibers require own specific structure of the fiber. FORC RAS has capabilities to design and fabricate most of fiber structures according to orders of possible customers. The HN-PCF series is specially designed for supercontinuum generation using most popular pump sources – Ti-Sa femtosecond laser and Yb-doped fiber ps or fs lasers.

 Highly nonlinear PCF fiber  Highly nonlinear PCF fiber


Fiber Specifications: 

 Fiber ID

MFD [µm]

ZDW [nm]

Nonlinear coefficient (near ZDW)  [1/W×km]

Optical loss (800-1600nm), [dB/km]

Cutoff [nm]


2.0 ±0.3


~ 90




4.5 ±0.3


~ 10




Other parameters are available on the request

 Highly nonlinear PCF fiber