Высоконелинейное легированное германием (HNLF DS)

Application notes:

Higly nonlinear fibers (HNLF DS) series is designed for applications requiring a shift of the zero dispersion wavelength to the 1550 nm spectral region: supercontinuum generation, parametric conversion and etc.

Article HNLF DS (s/n Ge137)

 Typical optical loss spectrum

Typical dispersion


Fiber specifications


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Волокно оптическое высоконелинейное легированное германием HNLF DS

Core diameter, µm 4.5 ± 0.5
Clad diameter, µm 125 ± 1
Core NA ~ 0.32
MFD @ 1550nm, µm  ~ 4.2
Dispersion @ 1550nm, ps/nm/km ± 4
Cutoff wavelength, µm ~ 1.5
Optical loss (1064 nm), dB/km < 6.0
Optical loss (1310 nm), dB/km  < 2.5
Optical loss (1550 nm), dB/km < 5
Nonconcentricity, µm < 0.5  
Zero dispersion wavelength, nm 1480-1565nm (different samples available)

Other parameters including core are available on the request

 Higly nonlinear fibers (Article HNLF DS Ge137)