Large mode area double-clad EDFA

High power erbium amplifier

Based on innovative technology of Yb-free Double-Clad Er-doped Fibers, the FOA-EDFA-HP-30-1 series offers unprecedentedly high level of nonlinearity threshold (typical parameters of gain fiber: MFD~25µm, length ~6 m).
With the demonstrated pulse energy of > 1mJ in 100ns pulse and > 600 nJ in sub-ps pulse, the FOA-EDFA-HP-30-1 makes 1.5 micron laser sources competitive with Yb-doped fiber lasers in terms of peak power.
In the standard configuration and with 50W pump power @ 976nm, the FOA-EDFA-HP-30-1 allows one to extract more than 5-W average power in the range of 1550-1600 nm with diffraction limited beam quality. Higher output power and efficiency up to 40% are available upon the request. 



Technical characteristics  





Central wavelength, nm 1550 1565 1580
Spectral bandwidth, nm > 15 > 15 > 20
Maximum output power, W  > 4 > 6 > 6
Minimum input power, mW  20
Pigtail fiber type SM20/125, SMF28, SM20/125PM
Fiber output end endface ready for fusion splicing or FC/APC connector
Maximum pump power @976nm, W < 50
Dimensions (L W H), mm 474300135 (250×170×40 for OEM)
Weight, kg   < 10